Choose from a large variety of accessories in many styles, colors and finishes including (but not limited to):  andirons, ash buckets & shovels, ash vacuums, bellows, candle holders, cleaners, dampers, door fans, fatwood, firescreens, flue brushes, gift sets, grates, hearth pads, hearth rugs, insulated gloves, kettles, log holders, steamers, tool sets, trivets and venting.  
                                                        Kettles                                     Half Kettles                               Trivets
                                                    Bellows                                            Candelabras                               Grates
                                                                                                     Gift Sets
                                                                          Decorative Log Holders               Andirons
                                                                                          Log Holders & Carriers
                                                                                                     Tool Sets
                                                                                Ash Buckets, Shovels & Ash Vacuums
                                                                                 Lock Top Dampers & Chase Tops