Gas Log Sets

A gas log set is a great way to turn a ordinary wood burning fireplace into the comfort and ease of a gas burning fireplace while keeping a realistic wood look.  Gas logs offer a variey of sizes and control options to fit your lifestyle or add a custom door for a truly unique look.  Click here to view some of our door designs.
Vented Gas Log Sets
                                          Monessen La Grande                                                                        Monessen Navajo
                                                       Rasmussen Evening Prestige                      Rasmussen Evening Crossfire           
                                             Rasmussen Pinecones                                                                 Rasmussen Fireballs
                                            Fireside Grand Oak                                                                 Fireside Supreme Oak
Vent-Free Gas Log Sets
            Vent Free Charred Hickory             Vent Free Emberblaze                      Vent Free Mojo                        Vent Free Tripleplay
Fire Glass